• Services Include

    Yoga/Coaching/Integrative Wellness Educational Consulting
    Creativity Individually or in Designed Programs
    Corporate, Workshops, Retreats, Presentations
    Parent/Student Support
    Stress Management & Wellness Programs
    Personal Shopping & Tools for Transitions

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  • Creative Expression

    Inspirational Photography
    Artwork & Sketches
    Knitting & Needlework

  • Educational Services

    Extensive Diverse Credentialed Teaching Experience
    Special, Bilingual,Gifted, & ESL Education
    Teacher Trainer/Mentor
    Practical Knowledge of Regulations

  • All Services are Customizable to Your Needs

  • Contact Me Today! Available via Skype or Email

    All Services Also Offered in Spanish

Integrative Living for Your Wellness
Improve Your Wellbeing, Your Life, Now!

The services provided by Integrative Living are focused on your wellness and designed to help you live your life more fully. Integrative Living Services provided are Life Coaching, Coaching for Business, Stress Management, Cardiac and Cancer Therapy, as well as Educational Consulting are offered online and customized per client needs.

Integrative Living reflects upon phases of living, where you are, where you want to be and how you want to get there. Through questioning and dialog, together we will examine your desires and pick behaviors you can work on to bring you closer to what you want. Always remaining open and supportive, we help you find new options to help you improve your wellbeing and your life

Educational Consulting services are available for Special Needs and ESL Learners of all ages. Support programs are also designed for the parents of Special Needs Children. Whether you are a corporate executive, a student, have a life altering health diagnosis, experiencing addiction issues, or in the middle of a mid-life change... Integrative Living is here to help you.

Proudly Serving Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, & All of the US

Integrative Health Services


Some of the unique personalized services offered by Integrative Living are Cardiac and Cancer Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Integrative Health Coaching, and Educational Consulting.


Feel free to take some time to browse the beautiful, relaxing pictures of our gallery. These prints make excellent wall hangings for any area that you try to keep serene for meditation.

From the Integrative Living Blog

Finding My Way Back To Me

We don’t always have to save the world.  Sometimes we just have to try and save ourselves, and that can be much harder.  keep Yourself Sacred.

Finding My Way Back To Me

Happiness is a practice.  It doesn’t always just happen, we need to surround ourselves with things that inspire and make us smile.  We must make time for ourselves to stay replenished and energized. Wherever possible, we must remove what/who drains us…..  Happiness is a practice!  Stay Happy and Keep Yourself Sacred!!!!

Finding My Way Back To Me

Integrative Health Services

Sometimes the Universe acts abruptly to rid us of toxic circumstances or people. Initially it may not be pleasant, but it is Natures way of doing a redirect and putting us on the path….  Keep Yourself Sacred!