Services are available in person, online (via Skype or iChat) or over the phone. All services also in Spanish.

INTEGRATIVE HEALTH COACH  as trained by Duke Integrative Medicine

An Integrative Health Coach is a partnership to help explore your values, clarify your goals, while providing accountability for positive behavior change.  Helping your to live the life you want fully in all areas.  Suitable for health situations, life transitions, for making positive choices to live well.


A minimum of 500 hours of training in Kripalu Yoga which has been described as the Yoga of life.  A typical class includes centering, breathing, warm-ups, traditional and non-traditional postures, relaxation and meditation.  This style of yoga is appropriate if you are new to yoga, an athlete, interested in stress management, health or just want to live more present within your true self.


Yoga for the needs of specific groups using:  meditation, visualization, relaxation and yoga postures based on the protocols in the medical study.  As trained by the developer of the yoga portion and Director of Stress Management for the Dean Ornish Program.


Support for students and families in educational, college/academic settings, life and career choices.  Practical knowledge of general education special, second language learners, gifted and regulations regulations.  Based on over twenty years of experience teaching in these areas.

Additional training in MBSR, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Reiki and more.

All services also offered in Spanish.