All services offered are customized per individual client needs and are confidential

 Integrative Wellness Consulting Services

  •   Yoga & Coaching Packages to Individuals, Groups and Corporations
  •  Coaching, Breathing and Meditation Practices for Stress Management
  •  Yoga and Coaching for Cancer Patients
  •  Life Coaching, Stress Management, Meditation and Yoga Workshops/Presentations for Corporations/Groups
  •  Yoga Classes:  For Beginners to Advanced Students
  • Coaching For Business: Ethical support for you and your business as you grow the way you want.
  • Personal Shopping & Tools for Life Transitions: Useful when in a life transition such as job change, divorce or relocation.

Cardiac & Cancer Yoga Therapy

  • Professional Kripalu Yoga Teacher
  • Meditation, Stress & Pain Management, Mindfulness and more
  • Based on the Protocol in the Medical Study As trained by the Developer of the Yoga Portion and Director of Stress Management for the Dean Ornish Program Yoga for the Needs of Specific Groups Meditation Visualization Relaxation Postures

Integrative Health Coach

  •  A Partnership to Explore Your Values & Goals
  • Accountability & Positive Behavior Change
  • Your Life, Your choices
  • Providing Non-Judgemental Support & Tools for Living Well in All Phases of Living

 Educational Consulting Services

  • Based on over 20 years of certified professional teaching experience

    • Created Bilingual Special Education Programs at multiple grade levels
    • Parenting Programs
    • Workshops and programs for parents of Special needs children
    • ESL to Adults
    • Teacher Trainer
    • Curriculum expertise in writing, task analysis, behavior programs
    • Support for students and families in educational, college/academic,  life and career choices
    • Practical knowledge of general educational regulation as well as special education and Gifted as useful to students, families, educators, programs and educational institutions
    • Experience working with State Departments of Education
    • Community Involvement and information on education policy and options
    • Member of the Governors Council on the Hispanic Community
    • Translations, English and Spanish for families schools and businesses
    • Stress management for students and staff:  started a combined student teacher knitting program, created programs such as TaiChi for staff
    • Specializing in Inclusive practices for all and Diversity awareness.  The only “minority” group we can all join in an instant is that of the mentally and physically handicapped.

    As a child I started school not able to speak the language everyone else was fluent in, at a time when no support was available.  I can appreciate the difficulties faced and the need for education.

    Professional Degrees & Over 20 Years of Experience

    • B.S., in Special Education from the Pennsylvania State University
    • M.A., in Spanish Literature, West Chester University
    • Professional Certificates from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:
      • School Program Specialist
      • Mentally/Physically Handicapped
      • Elementary K-6
      • English 7-12
      • Multiple HOUSSE & Bridge Certifications

In addition, workshops are offered in:

    • A Healthy Work Environment
    • Relaxation, Meditation & Stress Management
    • Relaxation for Parents of the Special Needs Child
    • Journaling & Creativity
    • Re-creation in Changing Times  (How to Find You Way in a Changing World)